Benefit compliance has become a challenging task for most HR departments.

Insurance laws and regulations change constantly. New federal regulations, federal and state mandates, and federal and state employment laws are released regularly.

Keeping up with the changes while making sure you are in compliance can be a real challenge. Brady Benefits & Associates, Your Trusted Advisors, is here to help.

Brady Benefits & Associates is your benefits compliance partner providing a suite of technology and resources to serve as your personal assistant with compliance. We keep you current with changes as they occur and, in many instances, providing a turnkey solution for:

  • Compliance Review
  • Discrimination Testing
  • Plan Document Requirements
  • COBRA Laws, Regulations, and Checklists
  • HIPAA Portability Provisions, Non-Discrimination Rules, and
  • Checklists
  • Wellness Program Compliance
  • Military Leave
  • FMLA Checklists
  • Medicare Part D Notice Requirements and Model Notices
  • Mental Health Parity Act
  • HSAs, HRAs, and FSAs
  • Filing Requirements
  • Wrap Plan Documents
  • Health Care Reform
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